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Can Brain Exercises Boost Your Level of Intelligence(IQ)?

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Workouts for the Brain – Training Activities That Are Healthy for Your Intelligence. Smart Pill Wiki 4

We well know the physical exercise effect on brain function. High-level cardiovascular training (uphill hiking, high-intensity gym, sprinting, endurance running, boxing and ice climbing) require top levels of fitness and supply extraneous oxygen to all tissues. Athletes usually take auxiliary care of their health through low intake of processed foods and nutritional supplementation.

But for more sedentary lifestyles the potential for intense activity is reduced. Working one’s way up to major-league levels of fitness is often too much to ask. Concomitant illness, time restriction, lifestyle and environments all yield injurious oxidative stress and have a perdurable effect upon brain health. Is it possible to give your brain a workout without burning excessive calories?

Brain training: Does Brain Size Correlate to Intelligence?

Brain training

Brain size and acumen are definitely linked; the brain size of a single-celled organism, a centipede, a toad, an alligator, a possum, a gorilla and a human being graduate from the most basic to the most celebrated. Brain sizes also diverge within a single species; ageing causes brain atrophy, as does acute or unabating illness, dysfunctional diet, psychological ailments and exposure to toxins. Brain atrophy can be focal or global and is difficult to calibrate due to between-individual variations in normal cerebral morphology.

The question, “does brain size correlate to intelligence?” must be answered with a resounding, “Yes”. However, this is not the be-all-and-end-all of intellect. This intricate organ is the least presumed and definitions of intelligence are disparate across cultures. It was the Frenchman Paul Broca who reported in 1861 that brain size directly relates to intellectual achievement. By giving our brain a complete workout through brain training games, we can increase brain mass.

An intelligence quotient (IQ) results from gene-environment interplay. However, potential existing brain power is often untouched. The effects of exercise on the brain deliver outstanding results, accruing connectivity and feeding shrunken areas with nutrients. The emotional quotient (EQ) appears to be affected by intracranial connectivity rather than sheer volume. The message is clear: exercise your brain and potentiate connectivity, exercise your body and augment neural connectivity and mass. In healthy adults the regulation of mechanisms in the brain’s key networks are not only important for inflated EQ but also associated with better attentional performance.

This lends weight to the fact that brain exercise, intelligence training and emotional intelligence training lead to the same result: increased brain power. While high-intensity sporting activities are important, this article discusses ways to exercise brain connections through mindfulness, puzzles, adverse thinking and visualization.

Games for the brain: The effects of exercise on the brain.

Games for the brain

It is possible to train your brain through various workout activities where one is pushed to carry out the unexpected, the unpredictable, and the near impossible. Peak brain training overspreads numerous tasks that can fit into any daily schedule. To know how to exercise your brain without interceding into precious time, this article show introduces you to the equivalent of a complete brain workout without the need to step out of the door.
While the key to maximum intelligence is the combination of multifarious lifestyle choices, brain training games do have a significant positive effect. Software such as Luminosity has beneficial effects, as do other application-based memory and IQ-increasing alternatives for iOS and Android such as:

  • Peak
  • Elevate
  • Burn the Rope
  • Cognifit

For the family board-games industry, hand to eye coordination and rapid reaction through activities such as Jenga, Banangrams and Simon can be enjoyed as a group or during holiday celebrations to counteract the dulling effects of copious Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. In making the playtime environment healthier, brain training effects are increased.

Naturally, a full brain workout should encircle nutrients and oxygen and the sufficiently attenuated systems to distribute them. Anti-oxidants should be generous; the consumption of blueberries pre-examination, for example, increases final grades. Toxic sources should be quashed through filtered air ventilation systems, green plants, avoidance of fine particles caused by heavy traffic or industrial zones and the implementation of charcoal water filters or other models of water purification system. These steps take either time or money, or both. Brain gym exercises are completely free.

Brain exercises to improve performance. Better IQ through these brain exercises

Brain training exercises have been coined ‘neurobics’, referring to the dance-like fitness craze (aerobics) of the video-cassette generation hosted by television and film celebrities such as Jane Fonda. In neurobics, a brain workout often claims to center on a single region of the brain, however it is assured that this effect will be far more outreaching. The following brain training exercises have been proved to increase brain power across the board and can be taken advantage of when alone:

The prefrontal cortex brain workout requires anticipation, planning, sophisticated thought and new ideas to be carried out at breakneck speed:

  • Chess
  • Nimble card games such as Snap
  • Mindfulness meditation

The temporal lobe brain workout is based on language and memory games:

  • Scrabble
  • Boggle
  • Cryptic or general crossword puzzles

The basal ganglia brain exercise envelops basic, intuitive actions such as deep breathing and biofeedback training:

  • Deep breathing elements of Yoga
  • Hand-warming therapy
  • Professional biofeedback therapist sessions
  • Mindfulness apps which elaborate upon physical awareness

The limbic system group of brain exercise requires uplifting brain exercises to instill a positive mood:

  • Productivity journals
  • Visual wish boards
  • Verbal affirmations

The parietal lobe brain workout appropriates learning new skills:

  • Juggling
  • Observing an object before flipping it on its head inside your mind
  • Piano playing and practice
  • Rapid Rubik’s cube solving

Cerebellum workouts require calculated and precise movements:

  • Capoeira
  • Tai Chi
  • Darts
  • Kung-Fu
  • Calligraphy
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